5 reasons why soccer players tape their wrists?

why do soccer players tape their wrists

The purpose of taping wrists is to provide support and stability to the joint, preventing hyperextension and unwanted movement. Additionally, tape can help to protect the wrist from injury. Here are five reasons why soccer players might tape their wrists:

Prevents Injury

One of the main reasons players tape their wrists is to prevent injury. Wrist injuries are common in soccer, and can sideline players for weeks or even months. Tape can help to stabilize the joint and protect it from further damage.

The soccer ball often travels quite a bit faster than the goalie’s hands, though, and so sometimes they collide directly. Securing the wrists can help with the impact as much as possible, or the soccer cleats can be used as a wedge to get more leverage from behind

It’s good to know that having tape on the wrists could relieve stress and support the wrist in case of injury. Although it won’t prevent all injuries from happening, it could provide support to a wrist if it does happen.


Soccer is a physically demanding sport, and players often put a lot of stress on their wrists. Taping the wrists can help to provide extra support and stability, which can prevent injuries and improve performance.

Prevents Hyperextension

One of the main dangers of playing soccer is hyperextension, which can cause serious damage to the joint. Taping the wrists can help to prevent this from happening and keep the joint safe.

To hide Jewelry

In some cases, players might tape their wrists in order to hide jewelry. Wristbands can help to keep bracelets and other pieces of jewelry in place, which can prevent them from getting damaged or lost.

Players will use tape to cover up rings, necklaces, and other jewelry. Players may be asked to remove their bracelets at times, and after being told to do so, they might elect to tape over their bracelets instead of taking them off. This way, refs and NFL officials can still feel comfortable wearing NFL headbands, but not everyone will know exactly what they are.

Referees are very cautious of the danger a player may pose to other players. Players are not allowed to wear any jewelry, either for safety reasons or for the welfare and security of the other players.

Wrist jewelry as small as watches can be easily caught on the arms, legs, or bodies of athletes. To secure the piece of jewelry better, athletes wrap a piece of athletic tape around the jewelry at the appropriate location.

To cover Tattoos

Tattoos can be damaged if they are exposed to the sun for too long. Taping the wrists can help to protect tattoos from the sun and keep them looking their best.

Cosmetic Reasons

Some players tape their wrists for purely cosmetic reasons. Wristbands can add a bit of color and style to the player’s uniform, and can help to make them stand out on the field.

There are many reasons why soccer players might tape their wrists, but these are some of the most common ones.

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